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I never saw Life as a straight line. There are moments that the road to life is a straight line but there are curves, highs, lows and much to see along the way…if you are looking. I am generally a happy person but have had times, usually based on a circumstance, of darkness, anger and depression. I have won and lost. As such I have withstood the emotions of both. I have learned that happiness can be a fleeting moment but if you allow it to be part of your life it will show up more often than not.

Now in my mid-sixties, (don’t blink young ones, or you’ll be right there) I have found some peace. I have a family.

In 2016 I got married to a fabulous woman named Amy Hetzler. We are friends, and partners in so many things from cooking to writing, to humor to travel and more. On my side of the family, I have an amazingly talented and most wonderful child who prefers anonymity. I have an incredible nephew Alex and a pair of the coolest nieces Katy and Nicole as well as two wonderful Sister in Laws, Diane and Babz. We have all been tested in recent years with the loss of my one remaining older brother John and my younger brother Michael. As we have all moved forward, we are passing the test.

Then there are my friends, too numerous to mention but wide ranging and long term. From The Fishing Camp gang, to Band Members, to the Restaurant folks to all of the random friends that I have made through various adventures on the road to life, You can never have enough. Which brings me to man’s best friend, our little dog Miss Sadie. She is part of many of our adventures and shows up involved in a variety of activities.

It has been and remains…A Life Well Lived!