Deconstructed Chicken Parmigiana

I had some leftover roasted chicken which I deboned then cut into pieces. I also had some leftover red sauce in the fridge. I sauteed the chicken pieces in a little olive oil and then added the sauce. I simmer the chicken in the sauce at a low boil. I then added some bread crumbs (about an 1/8 of a cup for this plate) oregano, and mozzarella cheese. I stirred it until everything was fully incorporated, put it on some fresh fettuccine and topped it with freshly shredded parmesan cheese…

It was 30 minutes from start to finish and could easily be accomplished from scratch with a chicken breast and some tomato sauce. Give it a try and let me know what you think…

Published by studiozimo23

I am a proud husband and parent, a musician, producer, writer, amatuer photographer and Certified Executive Chef. My wife and partner is Amy Hetzler. Our often travel partner is Miss Sadie, a part Chihuahua and part Jack Russell Terrier. We love to travel and as you will see on this site, we love to document. . Hopefully you will see lots of us.

3 thoughts on “Deconstructed Chicken Parmigiana

  1. What is involved in being a Certified Executive Chef? How is that different than a regular chef? And how do you move up from cook to chef? I am merely a home cook with no aspirations, but lots of curiosity.


    1. Hello Lorena,
      In 1995 I took continuing ed classes in nutrition, business management, equipment and design. I then studied for and took a test administered by the American Culinary Federation, which I passed. other criteria includes the amount of time you’ve worked in a restaurant and the jobs that you held within that restaurant. I kept my certification for 5 years. I actually truly only got it is a nod to my dad who generated a lot of my interest in the restaurant business.
      I had a dispute with the American culinary federation and their lack of oversight on how some of the chapters including the Missoula one ran their organizations. I still maintain there was some really poor management and operations by the Missoula chapter at the time which is why I did not renew my certification.


      1. I forgot to answer one part of your question. The difference between someone who certified and someone who isn’t is simple. Anyone with a spatula can claim to be a chef but not everyone can claim to be a certified executive chef which is a proven measure whether you are a chef or not.


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